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MefedMVVM service updating View

Apr 2, 2013 at 7:24 AM
I'm new to WPF and MVVM but I am trying to used MEFedMVVM. I have my View created as well as a very bareboned VewModel. My viewmodel has the [ExportViewModel("MainWindowVM")] attribute and my View is using meffed:ViewModelLocator.ViewModel="MainWindowVM". That all seems correct. But now I'm unsure where to go next. I want to have a service that is connected to a websocket streaming data that needs to be displayed on the view. I've read that I don't want to directly reference the view from my service, so what is the best way to get my data there? The socket is streaming ticker information so it will have values like "Last", "High", "Low" etc. I'm obviously going to have properties for each of these values in my VM that are bound to the appropriate TextBlocks in the view, but the service doesn't know about the VM. I used [Import]/[Export] on my service to get a reference to it in my VM, so I wasn't able to pass in an interface to my VM to the service. I'm not sure if that's recommended anyways.

Last of all, if I build nothing seems to happen in the VM. I would at least expect the getter on my bound property to be called when the view is drawn at runtime. Am I missing something?